Jewel of the North

Session 16

Knight Errant
*25-26 Mirtul, The Year of the Trusted Covenant (1479 DR)



Deciding to trek back to Neverwinter to pursue their various agendas, the party come across a wagon on the road, its wheel broken and guarded by a knight bearing upon his shield the emblem of a yellow skull on a horned. It seems familiar, but refuses to come specifically to mind. A tiefling in loose robes is attempting to repair the wagon, with little success, while a pair of trained drakes laze around nearby.

The knight introduces himself as Sir Tyros Halfhelm, another familiar sounding name, and is glad to see the party. He has been employed to guard Lerix the tiefling, one of Neverember’s tax collectors on his tour, and would welcome some help in fixing the wheel.

Despite this being one of the oldest tricks in the book, the party are only too happy to oblige, when they suddenly find themselves surrounded by bandits – arrows flying – and a leering Sir Tyros demanding their goods or their lives.

Preferring the latter course the party charge into action but soon realise that they might be up against it this time as the arrows find their mark, the tiefling lets fly with his dark magic and the knight proves a vicious and durable adversary. Danforth’s best efforts leave little more than a dent in his opponent’s armour and is soon regretting his failure to find some suitably enchanted armour of his own as he goes down into an oblivion he is becoming all too familiar with. Malus too finds himself dizzied with the knight’s strikes although still manages to trade insults with the bandit leader.

Mani ties up the tiefling and the drakes with her bear, Paelias keeps some semblance of honour with his sword while Talak does his best to keep the party alive but it is with great relief that Kierke finally arrives from his dump in the woods only to get tied up with an unusually resilient minion.

Eventually the crisis passes and the fight begins to go against the ambushers, most of whom flee, apart from sir Tyros who, swearing fealty to the Company of the Fallen, prefers death to the dishonour of the gallows that surely awaits.

The surviving bandits melt away into the woods while the tiefling takes time to grab a book from the wagon before he too makes his escape.

The wagon reveals a great pile of silver and gold coins and a tax ledger and it doesn’t take long for Paelias to grab a useful looking sword. A decent hoard, but there is still feeling that the greatest treasure might have escaped with the tiefling.



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