Jewel of the North

Session 9

Less Talk, More Action

20 Mirtul, The Year of the Trusted Covenant (1479 DR)

Rok Alim

Spiders, schmiders – despite an ambush by a couple of nasty arachnids to join the two deathjumps in front of them followed by a column of cute little spiderlings, the party waste little time in dispatching the close family unit, the quick end guaranteed by the timely arrival of the sluggards who finally get out of bed and follow their comrades’ trail into the forest.

The way through the mess of webs cleared and the tracks of the lycanthropes rejoined, the party soon arrive at a hunting camp set in a clearing surrounded by bent oaks and alders, as if a tornado had created the space.

Four huntsmen greet the heroes with great suspicion, unsurprising when considering Malus’ surly demands to investigate their camp. The inevitable conflict soon follows, as the hunters set a couple of wolves on the advancing heroes, who soon discover the true reason for the crooked trees as their approach is interrupted by the snap of snares around ankles as a couple of the foolhardy find themselves hanging upside down twenty feet above the ground.

Their cover blown, the hunters reveal their true identities as they transform into ghastly human-wolf hybrids, tearing into the party with tooth and claw, while another launches both bolts of primal energy and coils of twisting vines at the adventurers.

The battle is fierce for a while, but the party soon has the measure of the beasts, with their fast evolving group tactics beginning to combine well. The highlights package on this week’s Faerun Fight Night will include a couple of delightful sequences, Bodahn lurching from snare to snare like a plate metalled yoyo as he crashes through the trees to get to the fight and Danforth meting out horrendous damage before taking a quite spectacular lashing himself.

Anyway, all very cinematic, and all over for the werewolves, with two turning into wolf form to scamper away into the forest, while their companions are left to be decapitated as trophies by Slaughter Inc., who are in danger of topping of the charts in Neverwinter and Helms Hold in the same week.



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