Brandis Middard

Human Bard


Rival and nemesis of Talak the Tiefling Bard.

Every professional field has traditions of friendly rivalry, but musicians have turned it into an art form in itself. Putting on cheery shows for the audience, and then slinking off to the back of the bar to moan about whoever’s on next.
Talak and Brandis would never dream of dignifying the other with the title of ‘Rival’, and ‘Nemesis’ would be far too over the top. That would show they actually cared, which they definitely don’t. Not at all. Not one bit. Never.
It’s just that he’s so… Ach, don’t get me started!


Brandis travels around quite a lot. (Talak will tell you this is because he obviously always outstays his welcome.) He’s turned up playing his Lyre (Talak will tell you it’s much easier to play than the Lute, his chosen instrument) and crooning in the same tavern as Talak far more times than he would like. (Talak says he’s always singing the middle-of-the-road, tried and tested ‘classic’ populist songs that even the village idiot can hum along to. While completely drunk. Songs like The Voyage of the Sunseeker on the Trackless Sea.)
Brandis has even resorted to passing comment on Talak’s horns and tail in their terse exchanges in the past. Just friendly banter of course, easily turned aside by anybody used to being in the spotlight. It wasn’t the first time someone’s said those kind of things, and it won’t be the last, either. Talak knows that. He just thinks it’s a bit cheap, is all.

Brandis Middard

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