Tiefling Bard


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Male Tiefling
‘Cunning’ Bard

Charismatic and Intelligent


Seems to be quite good at:

  • Arcana
  • Bluff
  • Diplomacy
  • Endurance
  • History
  • Intimidate
  • Religion
  • Stealth
  • Streetwise
Uses a:
Definitely doesn’t have a problem with

(Bill’s put the effort in, so why shouldn’t we..? Hello, I’m Lee and I’m about to go over to the dark side in the act of putting up some character fluff. Shall we get it over with as soon as possible, to keep it as painless as possible for all concerned? Alright then, here goes, c’mon th’ teenage fanfiction level of writing..!)

Never quiet for long, Talak’s usually singing, humming or whistling to himself in idle moments. Not that there are many of those in-between his incessant strumming on a lute or piping away on a small whistle, of course.
A friendly, cheery sort – at least he seems that way, maybe he’s trying to make up for the horns and tail putting some people off – Talak gets on well with humans, and willing to tell anybody he holds the Elves and the Fey in high regard for their contribution to music and minstrelsy over the ages.
Wherever Talak goes, he only stops making noise briefly to listen out for the nearest – or loudest – pub, inn or hostelry he can dive into and join the singing, or rouse the drinkers into a new song. He’s always getting to know strangers by asking them if they know any good tunes – of any kind or origin – always seeming to favour the older, more archaic numbers, almost like he’s trying to work his way back to something. Sometimes he goes a bit serious at times like this, and you’ve probably seen the same fleeting look in his eyes when he’s in the midst of leading everyone in the bar in a raucous chorus… Talak has a thrall, and he’s not sure it’s the result of his training, his mind, or his blood.
Talak will remember himself at this point, and profess to being a people person; individual freedom of each person being the most important thing. Over-bearing nobles, leaders and politicians who claim to represent the people from on-high only get a short shrift from him. A good-natured sort, he’s always trying to do the right thing, seemingly of his own volition rather than any particular society or other’s expectations.
The sprightly fellow’s travelled around a little bit, particularly to the North-East of Neverwinter, doing the whole strolling minstrel thing, but he’s been based around the city for a short while.
He wears a cap with with feathers in, a fairly loud minstrel get-up underneath some chainmail and a heavy cloak. You’ve occasionally noticed his cloak pin, a silvery motif of a crescent moon and a harp. He also usually has a battered leatherbound book to hand, containing pages and pages of scribbled song verses, lyrics, poems, lines and speeches gathered from his travels.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. He’ll just play that twee tune that helps everybody sleep well and let you all turn in for the night.

* * *

On the rare occasions that Talak actually has good dreams these days, they usually go something like this:

Insect Samurai Bard Insanity


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