Karadhan's journal

The first few pages consist of a series of hand drawn maps of the area, annotated by symbols and notes, denoting potential excavation sites. All dated around thirty five years ago.

The following pages alternate between ore samples, digging reports and more maps as a final plan is made and the direction of the mine is decided upon.

Extensive notes follow, including a few comments about the possibility of connecting with Gauntylgrym, along the lines of: No sign yet, but those old dwarves were not stupid, if there is iron to be mined, they would have found it – follow the seam!

Then notes about having to move the headquarters back to Thundertrees because it is getting too hot to stay down below for too long a stretch

A few notes about sales of ore to Neverwinter’s ironsmiths – mostly dwarves, but not above moaning by Karadhan about the prices they give for his goods

The final entries describe the uncovering of what must be an ancient outpost of Gauntylgrym, the last entry dated only a few days before the cataclysm

At the back of the journal is another series of entries, in the same handwriting, outlining Karadhan’s theory of the staff he has come into the possession of, traded for in Neverwinter, which he thinks must be somehow attuned to the crystals that legend has it had lit the halls of Gauntylgrym.

Also included is the ritual required for activating the staff

Karadhan's journal

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